Our Story

   The Homeschool Planbook was started in 1993 by my mother, Carita Crain, and me, Sarah Moeller (formerly Crain).
For several years Mom had been using a regular classroom teacher's planbook to keep her records. Though, this had become rather tedious, because these books were not set up for keeping homeschooling records, and she had to make many modifications to it.
She began looking for a planbook that ran seven days a week instead of five, and that tracked hours of instruction. At that time, such a book could not be found.
So, not before too long, she decided to give me the assignment of making the family a planbook.
Initially this was just a school project. However, two of our friends heard of the book and asked for copies too. Therefore, when the book was finished, I ordered five copies from a local office-supply store. I thought if someone else saw the book, maybe I could sell the extra two copies. I was right.
These were quickly sold, and another printing of twenty-five books was ordered. It was not long before this minor school project gave way to a new business, "The Homeschool Planbook".
Since that time, we have revised and edited this basic planner to create other styles of record-keeping books, and homeschoolers at home and abroad have purchased them.
In addition, we surveyed many other moms across the country to find out exactly what they need in a planbook, and adjusted our books accordingly. The current editions are the result of this survey.